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In this page you can find some interesting links to german nurseries selling
ferns and other plants, also a arangement of nice fern books.

Information to Botanical Gardens and garden events in Germany and worldwide
Zur Bücherliste
Treeferns, Kleo Montforts plant wholesale trade

Interesting page about bamboo and ferns from Moni and Otto Ganss

Koeltz Scientific Books
Fern books and other botanical books into all languages

GdS Gesellschaft der Staudenfreunde (German society for perennial herbs)

Interesting page from William Hughes
about ferns, Hostas and other plants for shade in english language

Forum about tree ferns an other ferns
To the Forum
In this forum you can discuss in english
and german language











Some boletus, a little highlight in my


I am not responsible for the contents of the sides linked here.

Good Literature about ferns and perennial herbs

The following books may be ordered directly by or
The way to order the books is to click on the photos.


Fern CD
The Fern CD by Roswitha Moeller, 4. revised Edition, contained 3850 fern photos (english and german)
Tree Ferns by Mark F. Large and John E. Braggins, publishes by Timber Press, Portland, Oregon (in english language)
Farngärten Lothar Denkewitz,
published by Ulmer -Verlag Stuttgart (only in german language)
Einzug der Gräser und Farne in die Gärten by Karl Foerster, published by Ulmer-Verlag Stuttgart (only in german language)
Die seltenen und gefährdeten Farnpflanzen Deutschlands Wilfried Bennert, published by Bundesamt für Naturschutz (only german)
Ferns for American Gardens by John Mickel (in english)
Plantfinder's Guide to Garden Ferns by Martin Rickard, published by Timber Press Portland (in english)
Fern Grower's Manual by B.J. Hoshizaki & R.C. Moran, published by Timber Press Portland (in english language)

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